​     General Rules:

1. Do not Hack or do anything that will get you caught by the Anti-Cheat.

2. Do not randomly kill someone (RDM - Random Death Match)

3. Follow the New Life Rule - NLR. Interacting with your previous life. If you are unaware on what NLR is check the section dedicated to NLR below.

4. Do not disrespect players in the Out Of Character Chat it will not be tolerated.  Now you may disrespect people in role-play situations.

5. Do not prop climb, prop surf, prop kill, prop block, prop push, prop trap or prop spam.

6. Body-blocking is not allowed and you may be killed by players, but they must give you three warnings in /advert.

7. Minging or trolling meaning doing anything that could cause you to be seen as a disruption to other players is not allowed on the server.

8. Scamming players out of IRL Money/Items will result in a permanent ban.

9. Do not impersonate Staff Members or the Owner.

10. Do not evade bans by going on alternate accounts, or you will be IP banned on both accounts.

11. No Racism is allowed on this server please refrain from being racist.

12. No Harassment towards players or staff.

13. No voice changers or soundboards, They’re annoying and nobody wants to hear it.

14. Police May not lock the front door of the Police Department.

15. While Arrested, If you leave your cell you are KOS.    

16. No Threatening or Blackmailing other players. (Outside roleplay).   


Common Misunderstandings:

1. Spiderman, Iron Patriot, Iron Man, and C3 classes are not part of the Police Department. They can raid/mug/kidnap/carjack etc.

2. You cannot complete hits on any staff members that are on duty.

3. Citizens are not role-playing they cannot do anything such as raiding, mugging, kidnapping, or countering.

4. Drug Dealers can only be arrested for selling drugs if they are seen doing it.

5. Hitmen are only allowed to be arrested by Police if they are heard talking to someone about hits and asking them to give them a hit or a request.

6. No Roleplay of any sort is allowed in spawn. If you do happen to have a hit on someone in spawn contact the staff team.

7. No multi adverts allowed.(Examples: "/advert Raid/Counter" "/advert Raid/Over/Assist" "/advert PD Raid/Raid" Etc.

8. Only Border Patrol, Judge Dredd, and Deadpool can block off areas and make checkpoints. Police are not allowed to make checkpoints.

9.     PD Takeovers are not allowed.

10.    Weapon Laws DO NOT apply on private property.  (Property you or a friend own).


Role-playing Rules:

1. No job abuse such as dropping guns, changing jobs to unarrest friends, etc.

2. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a role-play situation such as a kidnap or when you are jailed by staff.

3. Do not discuss DDOS or anything related to that this can ruin people's Roleplay experience on the server. If you are heard or reported about this you will be permanently banned.

4. When you are wanted by the Police Department do not kill Police unless they are actually trying to arrest you.

5. To be able to kill anyone in or near your base you must either have a KOS Line or a KOS Sign.

8. If you have a building and KOS sign players can raid your base.

9. Having printers with a building sign up is fail roleplay and a staff member will punish you if they catch you doing this. Don't do this.

10. You may not defend random people. Unless you are in a squad or apart of a group of the same jobs (Like Hobos With Hobo Leader And ETC)

11. Hobos may not own doors since they are homeless (They Also Cannot Be Arrested During Lockdowns Since The Streets Are Their Home).

12. The Mayor/Police Sergeant are the only jobs that can build in the PD as long as it does not block walking space. If there is no Mayor or Police Sergeant then other government jobs may build in PD (Fading Doors and No Collided props do not count as "Blocking A Walking Space".)

13. As stated above, do not change jobs while in the middle of a roleplay interaction. (Changing to a thief to lockpick your way out of a room you are kidnapped in for example.)

14. Radio DJs must play actual music. (No Ear rape or racist songs) If you abuse the DJ you will be banned from the job.

15. While being kidnapped you can defend yourself

16. Once you are kidnapped and in that persons base you can no longer use any firearms, raiding tools etc.

17. The max money you can receive for ransom is $50,000.

18. Crossfire the act of shooting someone accidentally is not RDM. Advert Crossfire After.

19. Baiting Police is Not Allowed.

20. If you die and get revived by someone with defibrillators you can interact with your old life. (Continue Raid, Kill Your Attacker etc.)

21. Only RP Relations are between Hobos, Squad Members, and Police meaning if someone kills a hobo, another hobo who witnessed this murder can kill the person who killed the hobo.

22. If you are in a squad, and one of you squad members is shot you can do a list of things.

    22a. Kill the player who shot your squad member

    22b. If the player who shot your squad member is a squad you can kill his  whole squad if needed

    22c. If you are a police squad, you can warrant/want and proceed to arrest the targets.

23. If you are apart of a squad raid and die you can go back after 5 minutes if your squad members are still raiding.

24 .  Adverts cannot be colored.

Mugging Rules:

1. The Max Mug is $10,000.00

2. You can mug a player who has a gun out.

3. You must provide a time of at least 6 seconds for the person to begin the process of dropping their money.

4. You must make it clear to another player that they are being mugged. (Standing behind a player, advertising that you are mugging, not using a mic/standing in front of the player with a gun for a moment is not a valid mug).

5. Classes that can mug are all the same classes that can raid: Thief, Bank Robber, and C3 classes (and all custom classes.)

6. The cool down for mugging is 5 minutes, and 10 minutes on the same player.

7. You are allowed to resist in a mug meaning you can run away from the mugger, and shoot back if needed.

8. You cannot mug hobos, they don’t have any money to give you.

Raiding Rules:

1. You may raid as Thief, Bank Robber, and C3 classes (and all custom classes.)

2. You must wait 10 minutes in-between raiding. (you must wait 20 minutes in-between raiding the same person or base)

3. You can not raid from inside the base/building, you also cannot raid an obviously empty/open building. That's RDM and false raid.

4. Swat members/Police can raid when having a warrant on a base. (Hearing printers is metagame and not a valid reason to have a warrant.)

5. You may raid someone who is already being raided as you advert raid takeover to take over the raid.

6. You cannot advert Raid/PD Raid/Squad Raid/Party PD Raid/etc inside/on the property you are raiding.

7. The max amount of time you can raid a base for is 20 minutes, although you can raid the PD for 30 minutes.

8. You may not blow up your printers while being raided.

Civil Protection Rules:

1. Corrupt Civil Protection members are not allowed, Although being a dictator as a mayor is allowed.

2. There does not have to be a Mayor for Civil Protection to arrest a player for default laws.

3. Civil Protection may use any weapon they have available to them if arresting someone/people no longer is safe.

4. SWAT/Civil Protection may free-roam, but must protect the Police Department and Mayor during a raid/lockdown, not doing this is FailRP.

5. Civil Protection/SWAT members are NOT allowed to base/own doors/have homes. 6. The Police Department is your home. (unless it involves protecting the Mayor as a safe house during lockdowns/PD raids)

7. Civil Protection members are NOT to arrest hobos during a lockdown since they have no home.

8. Do not randomly weapon check someone. (Except for if Mayor says otherwise, Being in the PD is reason enough for a check or being on PD Property)

9. Do not raid without a warrant. A building open to the public does not require a warrant to go into unless there is a closed-off private area such as a back room.

10. Jaywalking cannot be against the law.

11. Baton Rush is Allowed. Deal with it.

12. Randomly using your stun gun, flash bangs, and other cop items will result in punishment.

New Life Rule:

If this is the first roleplay server you have ever joined, then let's update you with something called the New Life Rule, or NLR for short.

The New Life Rule states that once you die, you forget everything that happened to you. This means that, after you die, you don't immediately go back to the place you died and kill the person that killed you. That is RDM.

If you are caught interacting with your previous life within 5 minutes of your death, expect to be punished by staff.

Civil Protection has some exclusions. NLR still applies to them when it comes to every situation except for a raid on the Police Department (since it is their home) or the Bank since it can be guarded by Civil Protection. If Civil Protection die during a PD raid or Bank raid they are allowed to go back.

Building Rules:

1. Do not fading door abuse.

2. Keypads must be working, have a hold length of 5 seconds, and be placed near the door they open.

3. At only one entrance of your base may you have 3 fading doors. The rest of the entrances may only have one fading door. (In Your Base You Can Have Maximum 5 Fading Doors)

4. A player must be able to enter and exit your building without having to destroy any props.

5. Do not build anything that gives you a ridiculous advantage over people breaking into your base. (Mazes etc.)

6. Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own.

7. Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public. However, Hobos are an exception. They can build on the sidewalks, certain roofs and park areas.

8. While building, put up a sign that states "BUILDING" to let others know not to mess with you. Once you are finished building, remove the sign. While building, you CANNOT have any printers or other entities owned or in that building. (Building Time 30 Mins And No More)

9. In regards to rule 8, do not interfere with people that have a "BUILDING" sign.

10. No Megabasing. (Only Certain Custom Classes have the permission to have MegaBases)

11. Megabasing falls under Skybasing, Blocking off a part of the map, or blocking off a large area. You can only megabase in Industrial and other certain areas that if you want to build there you can ask the staff where they are. You can not block off the bank.

12. No GIFs or offensive material on text signs and keep your signs in role-playing (no random signs).

14. Hobos can only build on certain rooftops and must have permission from Co-Owner Rank or Higher.

15. One-way props are allowed.

16. No-collided entrances are allowed.

17. Crouch bases are allowed.

18. All Fading Doors to the entrance of your base may not be hidden in any way.

19. You cannot color/material buttons or fading doors.

Custom Job Rules:

1. The Vigilante Jobs are Deadpool, OP God, Judge Dredd, and OP Dipper.

OP British S.A.S., British S.A.S., and Militia are not apart of the PD they are a raiding class.

2. Donald Trump, OP Donald Trump, Fuhrer, OPAF Cortox, Grammar Nazi, Brotherhood of Steel, ShapeShifter, OPAF Donnie, Diddle Master, OP Timon, Deadpool, Judge Dredd and more that are not listed in MOTD are the ONLY classes that can have MegaBases.

3. Detective and Robocop are police only classes.

All Cooldowns:

Raid 10 Minutes  Raiding Same Person 20 Minutes

Mug 5 Minutes Mugging Same Person 10 Mins

PD Raid 20 Minutes (PD Raiding Is A Global Advert If Someone Adverts Everyone Must Wait 20 Minutes)

Kidnapping 10 Minutes  Max

Rape 5 Minutes  Raping Same Person 10 Minutes

Mayor Grace period is 5 Minutes (This means that the first 5 minutes after the Mayor has been elected, you may not kill that player)

Carjack 5 Minutes, Carjacking Same Person 10 Minutes

Assisting And Countering Has No Cooldown

Bank Raid 15 Minutes ( Bank Raiding is a Global Cooldown. One Bank Raid Every 15 Minutes. Once Someone raids, it cannot be raided by anyone for 15 minutes).

Combat Engagement

The rules that permit you to fire your weapon:

You can fire at someone if:

1. You are inside a building that is being raided.

2. You are raiding/assisting/countering a raid.

3. You are damaged by a certain player.

4. You make a message in /advert making it clear to another player that they need to move/leave an area provided a timeframe of at least 5 seconds per warning. (Three Warnings Minimum)

5. You are mugging the player and they pull a gun/run away/shoot at you.

These are Not All Reasons, just some of the most common ones.

You cannot fire at someone if:

1. They are government personnel (if that is the sole reason).

2. They are doing no harm.

3. You have not given out a warning.

4. The person is mic spamming. (Call for staff)

5. The person is annoying you. (You MUST advert for the person to leave you alone or be shot with a timeframe of at least 5 seconds.)

These are Not All Reasons, just some of the most common ones.

Default Laws Of The Land:

1. Do not attack other citizens except in self-defense. (AOS/KOS)

2. Do not steal or break into peoples homes. (AOS/KOS)

3. Money printers/drugs are illegal. (AOS/KOS)

4. Pistols are the only weapon that can be openly carried. All Other guns are AOS/KOS. If you are shooting the pistol that is AOS/KOS.

5. Speeding, reckless driving, ramming cars, and passing a red light is illegal. (AOS/KOS)  

6. Any Disrespect/Harassment towards the Police is AOS/KOS.  

7. Resisting Arrest is KOS if you are not able to arrest the suspect.     

Staff Rules:

(Staff Members Must Still Follow The Normal Rules/Laws Above.)

1. Do not use admin powers to spawn any entities when off duty. (Like Weapons, Ammo, etc.)

2. Do not noclip/fly when off duty, the only reasons to noclip/fly when on duty or stuck.

3. Do not disrespect other staff/players when in a sit or in OOC chat.

4. Overseer and above may use "/job On Duty", as they don't have a job in the F4 menu that they can use. If you’re below Overseer you must you the F4 Menu job.

5. Do not lie to any Staff Member always be honest cause this could lead to an even worse punishment.

6. Do not use any ulx command that can be used for an advantage when roleplaying. (When being Off Duty) Only exception is for no-clipping when stuck.

7. Listen to higher up staff, but if they ask you to do something you believe is abusive or you don't have to do please than use common sense and report to a higher staff!

8. Report all abuse to Head of Staff and higher.

9. If you're caught helping or assisting an abusing staff in any way you will also be punished. (This could end in you having the same punishment of the abusing staff or rank removal.)

10. If a user/staff member is banned do not unban the user/staff unless permission given by someone who holds a staff position one rank higher than the player who dealt the ban.     

11. Admins and higher Can handle their own sits, ranks below must ask for a staff member. If no higher ranks are on or there are no response then you may handle your own sit.

12. When reporting abuse or anything to an Owner, CEO, Council,or Daddy report it to a Head of Staff-Owner 2 first. If the abuse whatsoever reaches Conwell or Josh you must have a video of it or screenshots.

13. Do not pay people to refer you. This is not how the refers system is supposed to be used, and you will get a 1-day ban for doing it.

14. Do not interfere with higher ups sits.

15. If you decide to RP as the mayor while having a staff rank, be sure to know you CANNOT use your arrest/unarrest baton.

16. While On Duty do NOT interfere with people's RP experience. This is the easiest way to get kicked.

17. Try not to go AFK On Duty    

18. While doing staff duties, use common sense and you’ll be just fine.               19. No IP Sniffing (aka don’t grap IPs and look for their location)

Mayor Commands:

Commands Mayor Will Need to Use:

“/Lockdown” Will start a lockdown. Lockdowns mean that nobody should be out of their homes. To end this lockdown use “/unlock down” (Reasons for lockdown: Adding Laws, PD Being Raided etc.)

“/placelaws” Places a Law Board where you’re looking.

“/addlaw (law)” Ex. /addlaw Raiding is AOS/KOS. This will add a law to your law board.

“/removelaw (law number)” Ex. /removelaw 4. This will remove a law off the law board.

“/resetlaws” This will wipe the law board. Only laws 1-3 will stay.

Donation Rules:

1. NEVER lie about donating or else you will be permanently banned.

2.  If Conwell gives you a deal on an item, NEVER disclose this deal with anyone.

3. Chargebacking will result in a permanent ban.

4. Once you buy a rank, be sure to have proof of your rank saved in case of rankwipe.

5. If a staff member suspects you have an item you shouldn’t, they have the right to attempt and confirm with you that what you have you have bought.

More In-Depth Rules can be Found in our TOS.

Server Ranks and Base Prices:

(Ranks Can Be Given At Cheaper/Discounter Prices at Times)

Disclaimer: All ranks stack. For example, if you donate for Moderator, Admin would only be $20 more.

Respected = $10

Moderator = $25  

Admin = $45  

Super-Admin = $65

Head-Admin = $95  

Staff-Supervisor = $130  

OverSeer = $180  

Co-Owner = $230    

Ask Conwell About Ranks Beyond Co-Owner.

Rules Created by Josh Please keep in mind that there are many rules on here that are not listed that are still enforced by staff members, and you must respect that. If you have any questions about the rules or ones that are not in the MOTD contact Josh or Conwell they will answer any questions you have.​

Contact Josh - Discord-David Blaine#2042 Steam-https://steamcommunity.com/id/C3Josh/  or text at (219) 476-5471 (Prank Calls Will not be Tolerated. Numbers will be Blocked)

Contact Conwell - Steam- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197979972216/ or text at (760) 358-0655 (Prank Calls Will not be Tolerated. Numbers will be Blocked)


Press F2 for inventory and Alt+R to Put Items Into it.

Press F7 for Squads / Parties

Press F8 for Glevel ( Use this to level up your players attributes)

Type /advert to advertise something (Raiding, advertising your rp business)

Play Free RP Quick Start Guide


Seeing Errors?  Download our Server's Add-ons: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=169377521